The Best PC Optimizer For Windows

In this blog post, we will learn about the two best PC optimizer tools, which will optimize our Windows completely. Out of these two optimizers, you optimize your PC with the help of one optimizer, after that the performance of your PC will increase a lot and your PC will never LAG and both these optimizers work in all our Windows. Whether you have Windows 10 or Windows 11, you can use it for anyone,

I am going to tell you about two optimizers, it is a very popular and famous optimizer in the world, which is used by many PC users. Let’s use it to optimize your Windows, with the help of which you can make your Windows 100X Faster 

The way to use the two Windows optimizers that I am going to tell you about is different, which I will tell you about the first optimizer, with its help of it, you can completely optimize your PC in exactly 1 click and with the help of the second optimizer, you can optimize your PC by doing the total settings.

First, let’s see what is the name of these two optimizers and how we will optimize our PC by using them in our Windows PC, 

You can see the names of these two popular optimizers below.

1. Azurite Optimizer

2. GitHub Windows Optimizer

First of all, we will learn about Azurite Optimizer

what is Azurite Optimizer?

Azurite Optimizer

Azurite is a piece of software for Windows PCs that optimizes your computer for faster performance.

The Azurite PC Optimizer is software that helps you to optimize and speed up your PC. It has many features depending on the needs of the user, such as a Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleaner, Startup Manager, and Process Manager.

The Azurite PC Optimizer will make your devices run faster and minimize the risk of getting viruses or spyware infections in the future. For computers with low system resources or without protection against malware, this program will provide an excellent solution to increase their performance.

Azurite pc Optimizer is an all-in-one tool for optimizing PC. It’s designed to make it easy for you to stay on top of the health of your PC and optimize it if necessary.

The Azurite pc Optimizer offers a wide range of optimization options that work to keep your PC in good shape. The software can optimize several areas including the registry, disk drive, and processes. You can choose which areas you want optimized or let Azurite pc Optimizer do it automatically.

How to use Azurite Optimizer

First of all, you people have to go to the official website of Azurite Optimizer, after that, you have to download Azurite Optimizer, after downloading the setup file of Azurite Optimizer, you have to run it by right-clicking on that setup file. It must be installed by an administrator.

after installing it, open the Azurite Optimizer, then you have to create a revert point by clicking on create revert point, as soon as your revert point is created, you simply go back one step. You have to click on run optimizer, after clicking, your optimizer will start running and it will complete the whole process in a while, after that you have to restart your PC. 

After restarting, your PC will be optimized completely. Must have been done and now you can use your PC smoothly, you will also get to see good FPS in games, 

let us now know about GitHub windows optimizer

What is GitHub Windows Optimizer?

The GitHub Windows Optimizer is an open-source application created by a Microsoft employee.

GitHub Windows Optimizer is the world’s best Windows optimizer, with the help of which we can optimize any of our Windows PC in a good way. In GitHub Windows Optimizer, we get to see all the settings, with the help of which we can optimize our Windows. and boost the performance of your PC, we get to see many features in GitHub Windows Optimizer, with the help of which we will be able to close all our startup programs and install any necessary software directly. 

First of all, we will know about all the features of GitHub Windows Optimizer and after that, we will know how to use GitHub Windows Optimizer.

Features of GitHub Windows Optimizer:-

• full support for languages (20 languages available)
• Boost network and system performance.
• deactivate pointless Windows services
• Turn off Cortana, Windows telemetry, and many more things.

• Eliminate unnecessary starting programs.
• Change the HOSTS file.
• Locate the file lock handles, then kill the related processes.
• Tool for hardware examination
• Right-click the desktop icon to add stuff to it.
• Create custom-run dialogue commands.
• Support for silent running using a configuration file
• Opt out of office telemetry (works only with Office 2016)
• turn off automatic updates in Windows 10
• Quickly download needed applications
• Remove UWP applications
• your system’s disc and the major browsers’ caches
• Fix typical registry problems
• Ping IPs to determine your latency.
• IP search
• Change DNS servers quickly (from a pre-made list)
• Remove the DNS cache

How To Use GitHub Windows Optimizer:-

First of all, we have to download GitHub Windows Optimizer from the official site of GitHub, after downloading, simply open it, before making any settings in Windows Optimizer, you must first create a restore point so that if you accidentally set If you make any mistake while doing it, then you will be able to restore it easily. 

To create a restore point, you have to go to the Windows search option, and search there Create a restore point, after that you have to open it. After there you will see a configure option, click on it, then turn on system protection, then apply and OK, then after that you will see a create option, click on it. By doing this you have to simply create a restore point.

after the restore point is created, now you can make any settings, but you should not leave any settings without knowing, otherwise your PC may have a very bad effect, as given below With the help of the image you guys can do all your settings, you can copy the complete settings, you can do your setting by looking at this image like I have done my settings.

The Best PC Optimizer For Windows

The Best PC Optimizer For Windows

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